Helpful Maintenance Techniques for Your Septic System

Let Us Help You Maintain Your Septic System

Regular preventative maintenance of your septic tank system ensures that it works properly at all times. It also increases the life of your septic tank. Learn more about some helpful maintenance techniques to ensure that your septic system functions properly and lasts longer.  
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Septic Tank System Health - Simple Guidelines

  • The first and most important thing is water conservation. It's essential for overall system functionality
  • Install water saving devices such as showerheads and toilets. They improve the biological environment in tanks and allow the solids to settle. The clearer, effluent water can be moved through the leaching facility network
  • Repair leaky faucets and toilets immediately. A leaky toilet can cause a good septic system to fail very quickly
  • Educate your family members on water conservation. For example:
    • Teach them not to run water and / or flush toilets unnecessarily
    • Make sure clothes washers and /or dishwashers have full loads before running
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General Septic Tank Suggestions

  • Use bleach moderately
  • Keep grease, fat, and food wastes out of your septic system as much as possible.
  • Use toilet bowl cleaners and acid-based sewer line cleaning chemicals only in moderation
  • Dispose of paint thinners and other chemicals properly. Don't put them in your septic system
  • Use only biodegradable products such as toilet paper, laundry detergents and cleaners in your home
  • Garbage disposals are not recommended on septic systems. If you have one, remember to not put anything in the disposal that is not edible or biodegradable
  • Zaring professionals recommend the use of bacterial enzyme conditioners to improve your system's efficiency. We have a complete line of safe products for your septic system
  • Make sure your septic tank is properly maintained and inspected yearly

Warning Signs of Septic System Failure

  • Plumbing backups
  • Sluggish drainage in your home
  • Mushy ground or greener grass in area of septic system
  • Outdoor odor
  • Gurgling sound in pipes and drains

Septic Tank Troubleshooting Tips

Following points should be kept in mind while troubleshooting possible causes of septic system failure:
  • Improper placement — Is your septic tank system located in an area of poor drainage?
  • Improper installation and improper plumbing — Was your septic system installed according to septic codes and do you have proper plumbing in the house to accommodate the system?
  • Tree roots clogging pipes — Could surrounding tree roots be clogging the pipes?
  • Water softeners — Are various salts and chemicals damaging your septic tank? If possible, try to channel washing machine and waste from water softeners into a separate disposal area, such as a dry well.
  • Overloading — Is the septic tank system being overloaded by excessive water use or is there excess water entering into the sewage system? Use water sparingly; try not to do full loads of wash at peak times.
  • Garbage disposals — Ground up food particles are especially hard on the septic system. Do not put kitchen grease down the drain. Do not flush cigarette butts, sanitary napkins, or other inorganic materials down the toilet. Any septic system that receives garbage grindings needs the extra help of CCLS® enzymes to break down these solids.

Other Recommendations to Consider the Overall Condition of Your Septic System

Following points should be kept in mind while troubleshooting possible causes of septic system failure:
  • Know where your septic system is located and try to keep a drawing of it
  • Don't build driveways, patios, or any other type of structure over your septic system
  • Don't allow heavy equipment near any part of your septic system
  • Don't plant trees within 30 feet of your septic system
  • Divert all gutters away from the septic system
  • Have your septic system serviced and cleaned regularly (every two to four years).
  • Don't forget that your septic system is a living network. Feed it right!
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