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At Zaring Septic Service, we provide you with quality septic system installation and replacement services at competitive rates. You'll get complete septic system services, including new installations, lateral installations, sewer pump installations, cluster system installations, and septic tank inspections.

The technicians in our fully insured business are up-to-date and trained about waste water rules and regulations. Our trained team will make sure that every installation job is done right the first time.
Septic tank installation

Our Septic System Installation Services Include

  • Installation of new septic tank systems
  • Sewer pump installation
  • Cluster system installation
  • Tank & lateral installations
  • Norweco - wastewater treatment technology installation
Septic tank

Popular Septic System Brands

  • Effluent filters
  • Goulds Pumps - sump, effluent and sewage
  • Norweco Singulair Bio - kinetic wastewater treatment system with clear-spray capabilities (Kentucky state-approved)

Norweco Wastewater Treatment System

Are you looking to replace your existing septic tank system? Consider Norweco Singuliar Bio - kinetic wastewater treatment system. Zaring Septic Service is an exclusive dealer of Norweco Systems in Kentucky. We're proud to provide you with a system that isn't just energy-efficient, but also environmentally safe and eco-friendly. Replace your old septic tank with a modern wastewater treatment system. 

The Norweco Wastewater Treatment System features include:
  • Energy-efficient with low operating cost
  • Eliminates odors and all unsightly unsanitary conditions
  • System performance certified by NSF International
  • Includes 48-hour retention to reduce pumping frequency
  • Includes non-mechanical flow equalization to guarantee proper treatment of wastewater
  • System includes a precast concrete tank
  • Includes two-year limited warranty
  • Fifty-year exchange program
  • System runs on automatic operation
  • Handles 500 to 1500 gallons of wastewater per day
  • Handles modern appliances
The Norweco wastewater treatment system automatically reduces all domestic wastewater to a clear odorless liquid in just 24 hours. 

Cluster System Installations

If you live in a residential or a rural area where commercial sewer lines are not accessible to properly dispose of the waste produced by households, then cluster systems are a great option. They create a perfect solution in these instances.

A cluster system acts as a commercial sewer system on a much smaller scale. When a developer plans a new project, he assigns a separate septic system for each residential lot. He designs an underground piping system that originates from each of these septic tanks that flow into one designated area called green space. 

In this system, all solid materials stay inside the individual septic tanks, while the liquids travel through the underground piping system to the green space. All the liquids are then treated in this area.

Install a Riser for Your Septic Tank

After the initial installation of the septic tank system, it can be difficult for you to reach the septic tank opening for cleaning and maintenance work. Installing a riser can be the ideal solution for this potential problem.

As risers extend directly from the surface to the septic tank, it makes accessing the septic tank for pumping, other maintenance, and inspection much easier and affordable.
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Learn all there is that you need to know about proper septic tank system selection, installation, service and maintenance from the knowledgeable team at Zaring Septic Service.
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